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    Unhappy 9500ix + live issues

    I have had a 9500ix for about 3 weeks now and am having several issues with it.

    1) From the beginning the GPS started turning itself on and off ever 30 min or so, it would constantly say "GPS Filter Off" then later on it would say "Acquiring GPS Signal". It would do this with nothing blocking its line of sight and full view of the sky.

    2) For the first week it said that it was storing some locations after driving past them a few times. Since then it still notifies every time I drive past those same locations unless I have the live app on. It seems to me that the GPS filter is just not working at all now. I have tried pressing the GPS button on the top of it but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    3) The sensitivity of this thing is terrible. Before this I had a Escort 7500S that had considerably more range. So far it has not notified me once of a CHP until I am within 50 yards of it. Way to late to effectively slow down. And it seems to only work if it has a direct line of sight with the radar. If I am around a turn there is no signal and when I come around the turn then BAM! Full signal. Even the 7500S would give more warning and it was close to 10 years old.

    4) The live app is a joke. So far I have not had a single alert that came from the live app that should not have already come from the 9500ix. In the beginning it would notify me on the phone screen that I had a radar alert but now it has even stopped doing that, all it does is notify me that I am over the speed limit. It does say that it is connected to the Bluetooth so it is not a connection issue.

    I hope someone can tell me if I am doing something wrong so I get this working right as I am leaving for a cross country trip this weekend and really need a working radar detector. Should I have bought the Redline or V1 instead?

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    Default Re: 9500ix + live issues

    It sounds like your 9500ix is malfunctioning. Once you get a non-malfunctioning 9500ix I think you will love it. If you purchased it from us then the 30 day trial period on the 9500ix will reset when you receive the replacement. You can still exchange it for a RedLine within this time period if you choose to.

    Re: 4) Both the 9500ix and Escort Live are supposed to reduce false alerts. Once the 9500ix stores false alerts then you should have nice quiet drive unless there is a threat, then it will alert (falses will still display on the app though, in grey not red). Live alerts from other users fade away after 1.5 hours so that you aren't alerted to stale information. If the 9500ix is malfunctioning then that will carry over to the app's functionality too.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608



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