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    Question Thinking about getting a 9500ix from a V1, feedback?

    It's been a while since I came here to discuss getting a new RD! But alas, I come to for advice. Here's my situation...

    I have V1 right now. It's a great detector (love the arrows), but since I now live in a more urban area, the false alarms are extremely annoying. (inb4 mute it.) On the other hand, before my V1 I had a 9500ix. It seems the 9500ix would be perfect for my new driving habits. (I was 18 when I got the V1. I'm now 21, I drive an ambulance, I'm trying to be more responsible, etc.) And as a tech buff, I like to try out new things. I dig the idea of Escort Live. I've also been doing more traveling and would like to start using Escort's defender database again.

    What do you guys think? As it stands, I'm really just deciding between that green LED gamer edition and the blue one. I can easily afford it, and it would be even easier with Escort's payment plan. And I could try it for 30 days.

    Not hating on the V1, but it doesn't fit my style of driving anymore. As far as the muting, I gave Savvy a thought but decided I'd rather have the GPS-based muting of the 9500ix.

    You guys are the experts. Chime in

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    Default Re: Thinking about getting a 9500ix from a V1, feedback?

    Sounds like you've already made up your mind, and since you have already used both what more information do you need? Nothing you can read on a forum is better than your own personal experience. Unless you need the max Ka range of a Redline or V1, then go for the 9500ix. It's an excellent detector and nice and quiet.

    If you need max Ka range and quiet, get a Redline and use Escort Live.
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    Default Re: Thinking about getting a 9500ix from a V1, feedback?

    I personally love the look of the gamer edition

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    Default Re: Thinking about getting a 9500ix from a V1, feedback?

    was a v1 customer for like 15 years just bought my son one he lives in califonia
    I live in NJ --- I guess I miss the arrows but after getting a redlight ticket in cherry hill
    I made the choice to program myself that if Ka X K goes off make sure Im not speeding
    It doesnt matter where the police is hiding I just need to make sure Im not speeding

    The 9500 is quiet and if it goes off its 95 percent real and the redlight warnings well
    thats the added bonus and just what I felt I needed protection against even at the expense
    of arrows .... sorry Mike just my NJ X crazy state

    So my v1 sits in the garage and Im happier with the 9500 ix

    but if you ask me If I was to drive to florida from Jersey -- yes I might just switch to the v1 for a
    long highway travel vaca -- but not for every day travel

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    Default Re: Thinking about getting a 9500ix from a V1, feedback?

    I personally just tried out the 9500ix. For the highways it absolutely does not fit my taste, BUT in the city if it werent for the fact I driven the same drive for 7 years and know by heart all the falses I would have kept my 9500ix. I had the gamer edition, and sent it back within the trial period.

    Keep in mind V1's new ESP is going to open V1 up to a whole new world of options. Just google ActiveRadar for V1.
    On the side note you cant have everything you want. Until V1 interfaces into a GPS system like Escort live and can be muted by the peripheral your STUCK with falses. On the hind sight. A RedLine with EscortLive gives the same range detection as V1, just you lose the arrows.
    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what I would say.. is run them both if you can afford it . I know your not supposed to because it puts both in a high stress state so to speak. You get the arrows, and the Red line with live. Not to mention having two superb devices to double the odds of catching some radar scatter. The v1 might catch a stream, or the RedLine might catch the first stream depending on who gets hit first! So you double your range and detection capabilities, AND using the LIVE system you mute out falses while getting the arrows for a better location idea.

    I had some O.K experiences with my 9500ix, but it didnt fit my application. I like RANGE detection. I do however really miss that complete silence from the falses being locked out. I just didnt like the range of detection I was getting from my 9500ix.

    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Thinking about getting a 9500ix from a V1, feedback?

    I had a 9500ix and while it was a great detector, there were quite a few close calls with Ka band. The Redline (the V1 being similar) is going to give you a lot more breathing room.

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    Default Re: Thinking about getting a 9500ix from a V1, feedback?

    I bought a V! when they first came out and got every upgrade from them. When the 9500ix came out I gave it a try because the V! had gotten too chatty in both the city and highway (it went off at every office's burglar system you passed on the interstate). The first thing I did with the 9500ix was take it on a ten hour road trip to try it out. The first outing impressed me and gave me confidence. On one leg of the trip I was detoured to the outskirts of a small town. The Escort alerted me to traffic cameras, which I didn't know were there. It's been my regular detector ever since. I've heard people say the V1 is better for highway driving but I disagree. My 9500ix does just as good as the V1 on the highway and way better around town so much so that the V1 sits in a drawer gathering dust.



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