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    Default Speed Limit Error

    I have Escort Live with 9500ix and an iPhone. I have had it for about one month and I am seeing more alerts from others all the time.

    I like the speed limit feature, but on one of my regularly traveled roads it is wrong. The road going from Escondido CA to Valley Center (Valley Center Road) has a speed limit change as you start up the steep hill. It goes from 45 to 60 and stays 60 untill about 100 yards before the first light in Valley Center. The iPhone shows 45 all the way. How can I have the data base corrected.

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    The speed limit info comes from NAVTEQ. Escort purchases the rights to use their info. So NAVTEQ needs to update their database.

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    Default Re: Speed Limit Error

    You can send your observation to NAVTEQ and supposedly they'll flag it for review.
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    Thanks for the replys. After two useless e-mails to NAVTEQ, it was clear that they were not interested in correcting this error in their data base. Thus I give up. In the future I will feel less trust in the speed limit data I see from Escort Live on my iPhone.




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