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Thread: SoloS3?

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    Default SoloS3?

    Has anyone tried out the SoloS3?

    Is the 8500 x50 black better than the SoloS3?
    I currently have the 8500 x50 black, and it'll be one month on the 26th.

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    Default Re: SoloS3?

    It's the best there a class of one in the wireless dept.

    The battery powered detectors just can't supply the juice needed to be a great RD. I'll take an X50 or Vector 955 any day of the week over the Solo. (and a 9500, V1, or Redline over the X50 or Vectors).

    The new:
    * New OLED display (supposedly uses less juice)
    * New plastic lense on the front
    * There's a "3" instead of a "2" after the "S"
    * Likely it has new firmware

    The old
    * Basically the same hardware...looks nearly identical to the S2
    * Still has the S3 horn
    * I think...this is based off the Express hardware of ye olde days? (though I loved my Express 795 back in the day!)
    * VG-2...ha! The Solo is not stealthy and VG2 isn't in the US (the VG2 of today will spot the Solo quite a ways away). Shame on Escort marketing for attempting to sell something that doesn't exist any more.

    The good:
    * It's wireless
    * It's a technological marvel to do as much as it does off those little batts

    The poor:
    * It is always shutting it's detection off and on
    * It just doesn't have the juice to do what the X50 does
    * It doesn't detect current radar all that well**
    * It's very pricey, especially considering the lower performance many cars don't have a simple cigarette-type plug for a nice X50, Vector, or one of the Big Dawgs? Even borrowing a car, it's very simple to use a regular detector.

    Maybe riding a motorcyle? Wait...I ride a motorcycle and I'm not using one of these things. Unless maybe you're borrowing motorcycles all the time.

    ** Though I'd really like to see it included in some semi-objective measurement testing.

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    Default Re: SoloS3?

    The X50Black's performance is much better than the SoloS3's, especially on Ka. I would only opt for the SoloS3 if I used rental cars a lot and didn't want to lug around a power cord.

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