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Thread: 9500i lock out

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    Default 9500i lock out

    i have a 9500i and love the lock out feature on it but i believe i locked out a spot where there is no "false" because it was a cop... so since i dont have the autolearn feature to turn itself off how do i turn that lock out off or unlock that area if its not going off when i go pass the lockout area?

    It was k band that the cop was shooting and i locked it out to know that there was a cop down the road...

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    Default Re: 9500i lock out

    This can be a common occurrence on the K band frequency. The best thing to do is to go in the area (near a K band radar source) and wait for the GPS icon to spin. When it does this, press mute. It will ask "Unlock this Signal?". You confirm by pressing mute again.

    My personal recommendation for K band falses is just to mute them, not lock them out. There is too many occasions where that will get you into trouble.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: 9500i lock out

    The 9500i does not have the AutoLearn feature, you have to manually lockout falses on the 9500i (TrueLock). The newer 9500ix has AutoLearn which will learn false locations as well as unlearn falses that have changed.

    I disagree with GDXChris about using AutoLearn. While it is possible for police radar and a false to be on the same frequency, the lockout area is usually smaller than police radar transmits. In this situation the radar signals are so close that the detector only sees them as one signal (using expert meter mode). You will normally receive an alert to police radar before you enter the area of the nearby locked out false though. Keep in mind that without false alerts, any alert, no matter how brief, should be considered a threat. If you disable TrueLock, odds are far greater that you will ignore a threat as a regular false alert.

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