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    Default original passport 8500 s7 performs better in city noX

    I have always used my passport 8500 in either highway or auto mode, I always thought the detection was decently impressive on the straightaway. One thing that I noticed was that the passport filters out off-axis signals a little bit to much. when I would disable x band in these two modes the off-axis would get even worse to the point where if the cop was sitting on a side street I would be on-top of him before getting a signal, so I stopped disabling bands. Those stupid x band falses were so annoying so I tried city noX mode. What I noticed shocked me!!! In city noX the passport could really see to the sides better especially on k band . It would pick up cops even at the most difficult angles and radar over hills also improved. I would also like to mention that ka detection did improve slightly. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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    Default Re: original passport 8500 s7 performs better in city noX

    On the Vector side, I ran my V995 and V955 in CityNoX when in town with satisfactory results. Once out of town, I switched to highway. I haven't compared the modes in the same way you have though (the 955 doesn't have specific options like that though).

    Though my kids would make fun of the CityNoX moniker and make references to the similarly-named SG-1 characters.



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