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    Typically the antenna of a detector should face forward. How is the antenna of the IQ pointed? How is it affected if you angle the GPS to the side to face you better instead of pointing straight forward? I am considering one but I am unsure how they point the antenna to compensate for adjusting the GPS for better viewing.

    Also does the detector portion work while in navigation mode?
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    The iQ uses a modified M4 antenna (also used in 9500ix, X50Black). The antenna sits in the iQ vertically and has a reflector at the end of the horn to direct signals into it. The GPS antenna faces toward the sky at the top of the iQ. The iQ acquires GPS very well. Mine acquires GPS faster than my 9500ix.

    You can use the navigation and detector features together. You can also turn the detector off while still using the navigation features. Note that you must have the iQ plugged into 12VDC power to use the detector features.

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    Hi BlinderGuy

    I currently have the Passport IQ, and I have always put the detector in the center of the windshield above the hood. Having it pointed upward towards the sky will not increase the Navigation part of it. It's fairly accurate on locations and destinations and so forth. And yes on default the detection portion will be active while on the navigation portion but you can adjust that in the settings menu if you wish to turn it off completely. I work for Radar Detectors and Jammers - Reviews & Shopping at Radar Busters so if you are interested in a great deal on a Passport IQ give me a call at 1-866-912-9717 ext 4030 and ask for Adrian.



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