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Thread: save? or fail?

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    Default save? or fail?

    i personally thought this was a huge no no for me. i have this detector and it seems like he would of been caught if that speeder right next to him wasnt flying by him like that!
    could a V1 pick up better than this?
    almost looks like he was using instant on though...

    video on youtube.

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    Those guys using the 9500I are as bad as cheapo Cobra model users for leveling their detectors ! LOL!

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    Default Re: save? or fail?

    It's hard to see in your video, was he stopped in the grass or was he moving in the opposite direction?

    If he was stopped in the grass, he is a bad I/O user and you were hit with I/O so 9500IX did what it could under the circumstances.

    If he was moving and running C/O (no way to know for sure), it is a disaster for the 9500IX which failed to do a ''over the hill'' alert.

    Regardless, if he was using I/O, he is a bad I/O user.

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    Default Re: save? or fail?

    I'm voting Q/T or POP, and then a swap to C/O for tracking history...there were virtually no cars in front of him so I would say they were the next "lucky runners up"....but I gotta say pretty much all of my experiences with a 9500ix last year were like this...line of sight



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