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    Default Recommended settings for Redline

    Just got it and just wondering what the best settings were?

    I was thinking:
    X off
    expert mode
    voice off
    voltage meter

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    Default Re: Recommended settings for Redline

    I've had mine for about 45-days with hard use on multiple 500-mile trips across the desert to San Diego to Phoenix area and Flagstaff. It’s great and I use it with ‘Live’ on the iPhone4s. I set it up on ‘H’ No-X and Spec Mode and it behaves nicely.

    The ‘lock-outs’ are numerous on but I really don’t see anyway around it. I suppose ‘if’ they really do come out with a ‘Live’ interface for the STiR+ then I would likely dive for sofa change and go that route. I mean, as good as the Redline w/Live is, I still don’t like fiddling with the display while driving. Auto-learn is something I’d like to have vs. tap, tap.

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    Default Re: Recommended settings for Redline

    ON works the best for me lol
    Settings depends on your area. Where I live I have tsr and x band off and pop off for best detection. Display options are just user preferences that don't affect detection.

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    Default Re: Recommended settings for Redline


    Base the settings on local equipment.

    In Ohio x band is still very popular by local LEO and Ohio State patrol.
    Also K, Ka, Laser.
    Have to leave everything on all the time.



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