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    Default Escort 8500 or V940

    Debating on two radar detectors .. The 8500 from eBay or a new Beltronics v940.. Both are very close in price. Which would be the better of the two?

    Can someone help by giving thoughts and recommendations?


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    Default Re: Escort 8500 or V940

    Both the 8500 and the 940 came in both S7 and M4 antennas. So depending on which version you get, there's some slight differences in performance.

    The M4 is newer and has somewhat better detection straight forward. For off-axis signals, the S7 seems to perform slightly better. For 95% of drivers, they may not notice the difference.

    Features-wise, the Escort has a bit more as it was targeted to be the high-end detector at the time. It has Spec Mode to display signal frequencies as well as ExpertMeter to display multiple signals/strengths at once. It also has the functions of selectively disabling bands, such as turning of X-band.

    The Bel 940 is a great bang-for-the-buck performer. Like the other Vectors, it has voice alerts...some people like them, others don't. The 955 model has the ability to turn of X-band in City mode.

    On the eBay-side, the refurb-RX-65 S7 is a rockin' performer, though a few dollars more.



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