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    Default 9500i will not turn on?

    used it for months now worked great even last night worked fine...
    went to turn it on this morning and pluged it in and the speaker "clicked" and the lights on the socket flashed for a split second but then nothing. i kept trying to plug it in and the same thing happend over and over again. i tried it in a diffrent socket and nothing.

    *never updated or plugged into the computer before.
    *was not dropped or miss handled during the time it sat in the car over night.

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    Default Re: 9500i will not turn on?

    update it on your computer it should work fine

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    Default Re: 9500i will not turn on?

    dont have a cord to update it... but i did get it to work when i plugged it in then turned it on using the power button on top? i never have used that button for the 6 months i had it i always just unplugged it and plugged it in by the cord.



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