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    Default Question on the 9500ix


    From what I understand the 9500ix has an Auto Learn feature where, if you go past a bank 3 times (?), it will know it was a false alarm and from then on no longer give an alert. Now this might be a dumb question, but couldn't a police car have radar setup in exactly the same location 3 days in a row, which would cause the 9500ix to lock that location out... making you vulnerable to getting the next time a radar trap is set in that location?? Or does it somehow know the difference between a bank's or liquor store's X-Band and a police car's X-Band (I'm in NJ and they still use X-Band)?


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    haha yeahhh they have threads on this and thats a ongoing debate. i think that there is diffrent frequencies of radar so it wouldnt lock out the cops but yes in theory it CAN happen... atleast i think im not an expert haha.

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    It can happen and has been claimed to have happened. You can turn the auto learn off if you'd like and manually store them by pressing the mute 3 times. One of the nice/annoying things is that the auto learn will delete the stored location if you pass where a false is and get no alert (I wanna say 2 or 3 times). reason its nice is if it is a real alert it will help, annoying because if its an intermittent false then you'll keep getting it.

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    I think police radar is going to be a stronger signal than a false and the 9500 looks for that. Don't know for sure, but there is a strip of 3 false signals where I drive and a cop sits in there alot and the 9500 picks him up, While locking out the false signals. But I also run a V1 so that helps.

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    Default Re: Question on the 9500ix

    There are videos showing a locked out location and a cop sitting right next to the camera car with constant-on radar running. V1 guys chuckle.



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