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    Default Escort X50 Original vs. Black

    Hi everyone,

    Im selling my original x50 because it NEVER detects laser by the city police in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. If I buy a brand new 2012 model x50 Black, will this device pickup the laser from the new equipment these cops use? Or should I get something else.. experts please recommend something for a decent price

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    Default Re: Escort X50 Original vs. Black

    All radar detectors have trouble picking up laser alerts. The beams are extremely narrow, it's basically the same as shining a flashlight at a car. Some detectors are a little better at picking up laser, but for most cases you'll need something better. If you're not looking to get blinders or LI's your best bet would be a V1 or a whistler.

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    get laser shifters dont bother trying to pick the beams up...

    once you get shifters your immune and basically set for good!



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