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    Default 9500ix Power Cord

    I ordered and just received an Escort direct power cord from Amazon... It looks to me like they just took a telephone cord and put a connector on one end and a fuse on the other and charged me $13.00...

    My question is... is it really just a telephone cord? Can I make and use my own without risking damage to the detector?



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    Default Re: 9500ix Power Cord

    I don't know the answer to that, but I can tell you I am using my old hardwired V1 cord to power my 9500ix.

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    Default Re: 9500ix Power Cord

    It appears to me to just be an RJ11, if you meter it out and get the Polarity right and Fuse it I dont see any Electronic reason why it wouldn't work, remember its 4 conductor so I assume 1 is + one is - and the other two are for the Mute feature with the Smart Cord. I am sure there are a lot smarter members who have already figured this out. If not I would be happy to create a Schematic and Post it if the Forum allows.

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    Default Re: 9500ix Power Cord

    Try a search. I seem to recall someone had a chart of the what each wire was for, somewhere in this forum.

    But yes, it's an RJ11. Fairly easy to replace the connector if its latch breaks, as it did on my X50 power cord. IIRC, there was some discussion a while back about a standard phone cord not passing quite enough current to feed the V1, but I have no idea if that would also apply to a 9500ix.



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