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    Default X50 laser stays on

    My x50 laser will not go off. Is this a common problem for x50s?

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    Default Re: X50 laser stays on

    I've experienced the same problem with my 9500ix. I happens under either of two conditions in my car: 1 - I turn on my 9500ix before the infotainment screen in my Infinity has finished booting up after starting the engine. If I wait until the screen is operational my detector if fine, otherwise the laser alert comes on requiring a reboot. 2 - the second condition is if the power supply is loose causing the 9500ix to lose power and reboot. It seems to only reboot properly with use of the power switch, so check your power connection.
    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: X50 laser stays on

    Perform a system reset on your X50 and see if this helps.

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    Default Re: X50 laser stays on

    Do a factory Reset.
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