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    Default First drive with new redline 336mi.

    First trip with my new Redline today. I was impressed. First Leo (DPS) picked up underneath overpass turning to get on I45. He as about 1/2 mile down the road on the other side shooting northbound I was going southbound. Next DPS I logged him at 6.3miles considering the terrain in between I was impressed. Picked up about 4 or 5 more most popping over the hills. Would catch a weak signal and then farther down road nearly everyone of the went to full alert just before they came over the hill. Looked to me like they popping I/O or QT at the top of hills or just before. Any way I had plenty of time to slow down. Nowhere near the falses I was expecting and I got them on K band it muted fast enough to where it wasn't annoying. Picked up another local going into a small town. Saw him coming into town as I was leaving town. Also picked up two DPS at once. Only saw one them pass by while I was in a drive thru.
    My .02

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    Default Re: First drive with new redline 336mi.

    Hello, what did you have before the Redline? Noticeable difference?

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    Default Re: First drive with new redline 336mi.

    Damn, you area is infested with traffic cops! In my area, cops use LIDAR half the time, so the Redline + Laser Interceptor combo was a must for me!



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