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    Default 9500 ix differences

    Except for the GPS that the 9500ix has are there any improvement is has over the 8500

    better antennae, distance, ??

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    Default Re: 9500 ix differences

    I just came from a pair of 8500s. And s7 and an m4. The 9500ix is amazing. It's literally silent 95% of the time. When I hear it I know it's a threat. On axis performance is better than both 8500s. On a straight road I'm getting about 3 miles warning on Ka and about 2 miles on K. That's way better than the old dogs. The s7 8500 never shuts up. I can't use it anymore.

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    Default Re: 9500 ix differences

    The 8500 was available in the S7 for a while a few years ago. The S7 is simply a different animal. The part I like about the S7 is the off-axis sensitivity which is great for riding through uninhabited hills and canyons. But put that same S7 in the city and it finds every off-axis 7-Eleven for you.

    The M4 has slightly more reach and it's also more focused for straight ahead. This helps quiet those off-axis 7-Elevens in town quite well (add to that the more current programming of the filtering logic).

    As for the 8500 (M4) vs 9500, they have the same antenna and in testing, they basically test the same for raw performance.
    So other than the major difference of the very slick GPS, which gets spooky-quiet after it locks out your common false signals...both the recent 8500 and 9500-series are very close to each other in performance. So close that one might find bigger differences between two 9500's or two (recent) 8500's...or Vectors..or RX/GX's. All the M4's, having the same core hardware, perform very similar to each other (contrary to Bel's 6x/8x/10x marketing).

    The big recent hardware change is the bubble lens which is expected to show a slight increase...but we'll have to see in testing if it's significant or not..



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