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    Default Passport 8500 x50 possible problem?

    Ok so i picked up a new Passport 8500 x50 from pepboys about 2 days ago (employee discount or i would've went elsewere). I went up to north jersey in my dad's 2008 jeep wrangler sahara and figured id set it up and just test it to see if it worked. on the way up and back on the highway id say we passed 4 cops. 2 state troopers sitting in the median facing perpendicular to the highway, 1 driving on the opposite side of the highway, and 1 unmarked car coming from behind me and passing me. Is it possible that all of these cops didnt have radar on? I've also went by cops pulling people over (about 2) and no signal. I've only gotten weak-mid K band signals and thing this might be malfunctioning. I've reset it to factory settings and am still in the testing phase. Never had one of these before and will be using it on my 2002 camaro ss. Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Passport 8500 x50 possible problem?

    It's very possible that they were not running radar. The car sitting perpendicular was most probably using laser if he was checking speed. Their radar antennas are mounted into the vehicles so they normally sit parallel with traffic when using radar. He either did not shoot you with laser or he aimed low enough so that the narrow beam did not make it into your detector.

    If you are receiving alerts to normal false alerts (door openers, etc) then your Passport is most probably working properly. Give it some more time. If you see any error messages then please call us to have it serviced.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608

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    Default Re: Passport 8500 x50 possible problem?

    Ok thanks for the help, i get the same alert near a sports authority/shopping plaza so I think it's working, just probly dont have radar on



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