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    Hey all, I guess I have to be approved before I can post to other threads so I will ask here.
    I live in kentucky. I drive a 2004 Pontiac vibe ( White in Color ). I normally drive 70 on the highway ( 55 PSL ) and around 80-85 on the interstate ( 70 PSL ). I currently only have a 36 dollar cobra detector for countermeasures!
    Here I go! I have been doing a tremendous amount of research and I have decided on a Escort 9500 IX to replace my detector. I debated between a redline or 9500 IX and finally decided on the 9500 IX because I really like the false alert lockout. ( My wife hates the detector noise ). I realize it has slightly less range than the redline but I believe the extra settings give it an advantage for me. I believe it still tested at very good ranges for around curve and overhill tests. I drive probably 90% of the time on state highways and in town. I only get on the interstate during vacations. Those don't come as often as I would like !!
    I also have decided to get a black bra for the front of my car to reduce its reflectivity to lidar and am going to order the veil G4 for my front headlights and fog lights! ( Kentucky DOES NOT require a front plate! )
    I guess this leads me to my question! I have been looking at jammers. I don't have a ton of money so please don't recommend the Laser interceptor quads because as much as I would like them I can't afford it.
    Esort ZR4? I know that they are not as good as laser interceptor but I have seen post by ( The veil Guy ) who says they work pretty good with veil G4 added in real world senerios.
    Pros: Price is cheaper and in my range. Would link with my 9500 IX.
    Cons: No way the single rear shifter head with veil on the tail lights and plate would protect my white vibe. No downloadable firmware updates.

    Laser interceptor dual: Amazing documented results! The best out there
    Pros: Excellant jamming quality, Does have downloadable firmware for new guns, No jamming codes,
    Cons: More expensive, Zero protection with the dual setup for the rear of my white car ( Even though I agree the zr4 would probably be close to zero on my white vehicle ), Will not link to 9500 IX

    Basically I am at a crossroads and need some advise. Do I get the cheaper zr4 which links to my 9500 IX and provides ( HOWEVER LIMITED ) rear protection. but has no firmware updates or do I spend the extra money for the laser interceptor duals and write off the rear of my vehicle as far as lidar goes, but have downloadable firmware for future guns?

    I may be wrong but I believe either would provide decent protection to the front of my car with the black bra and veil combined with the jammer. I believe it will just be very hard to protect the back of my white car ( NO MATTER WHAT ) because it is a hatch back, so it has a large vertical white surface area.

    Opinions? Advise?

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    Buy the 9500ix and LI dual. You can add rear heads later on. ZR4 rear head is the same as having nothing, and front heads are only marginally better. Also, don't forget to get your jammers tested!

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    Being shot in the rear with laser is very rare in my experience. I have never personally seen it done. The only rear alert I have ever received was due to scatter from them shooting traffic going the other direction. I have used ZR4s on my car (w/front plate) since before they were released and they have worked perfectly for me and I see laser use almost daily. I am located in southwest OH and I travel in KY and IN often. Note that with the ZR4 linked to your 9500ix you do not need to install the ZR4's display/controller. Be sure the heads are mounted properly, level and straight with no obstructions, and they will work exceptionally well for you, especially with no front plate.

    Our ZR4s and 9500cis are installed in a LOT of vehicles and we rarely hear about them failing to do their job, quite the opposite.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608



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