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    Default Just got an Escort QI45 + laser shifter pack

    So I just got an escort QI45 plus laser jammer set.

    I know it's not the newest detector out there (since replaced by the 8500ci),
    however I think I got a pretty good deal on it at $275.

    So now I just need to find a way to mount it. Has anyone mounted this into an e46 BMW 3-series?
    I don't think I will be getting the "45 minute" install here, I may have to get creative.

    Also, Texas has banned laser jammers, but I'm still going to be running one.

    Is this something I should be concerned about? The QI45 lets me turn off the jammers by pressing the mute button twice,
    however ideally it would automatically stop jamming after like 5-10 seconds of laser signals detected... this would be good for
    when someone else is driving my car and doesn't have experience with the radar detector.

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    Default Re: Just got an Escort QI45 + laser shifter pack

    I just got one as well, when researching it says performance is on par with the x50. The 8500ci is the same as the qi45 they just renamed it to fit in with their product line



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