I have a 2012 Volvo S60 T5 that constantly sets off my Valentine 1's Laser indicator whenever I am with a dozen yards or so behind another vehicle. After browsing several Volvo and Radar Detector forums, I've noticed this is a common problem for S60 + Valentine users; however, I haven't seen any posts related to the Escort Redline.

From my understanding, the City Safety feature operates on the 905nm frequency, which both the Valentine and Redline are rated to detect.

So before I go ahead and purchase an Escort Redline, I was hoping the community here could help answer my questions.

Does anyone have a Volvo w/City Safety and an Escort Redline? Does the City Safety constantly set off the Redline?

For those non-Volvo Redline users, have you noticed any alerts when passing newer Volvo's? In particular, the 2012/2013 S60 or XC60?

Any answers you can provide would be much appreciated! Thanks!!