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    Default Hardwiring an X50.....

    I just got an X50 and want to hard wire it into my mazda. I was reading some things on here about this and was wondering what the best way to go is. Should I just plug my smartcord into the cigarette lighter and use a phone cord extender to plug a regular phone cord in the rest of the way (will any phone cord work or is there a certain type that is better to use). Or should I just wire it right into my fuse box (how is the best way to go about doing this)?
    Any input, links to procedures, etc is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Phone cord not working

    I've decided I want to go the phone cord route. The thing is that I tried it today with a standard 2 female end adapter and a spare phone cord and the unit doesnt work. The smart cord is the only thing that gets power (obvious since it is plugged in directly but).Do I need any specific type of adapter or phone cable. Any ideas why this wont work?

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    Buy a hardwire kit from Roy! :wink:

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    Make sure that the order of the wires is reversed from one end to the other on the cord you're using.

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    What exactly do you mean by that? Could you elaborate a little more? Thanks.

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    Hold the two phone plugs side by side, with the clip facing down on both. If you look at the colors of the wires in the plugs, the order should be reversed from one plug to the other.

    EX - Plug 1 yellow-red-green-black
    Plug 2 black-green-red-yellow



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