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    Default Sti-r plus/9500ci in bmw e93 m3 - do I have to remove the bumper to install?

    apologies about the cross-post, but on the install side it's the same stuff!

    I'm going to put the received behind the lower fascia as recommended on the board, somewhere.... but I'm wondering if I have to remove the front bumper to do so.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: Sti-r plus/9500ci in bmw e93 m3 - do I have to remove the bumper to install?

    Why put it behind anything? I have an E92 M3 and mounted my receiver in the passenger side air duct underneath the headlight. Its range is unbelievable when unobstructred! You can then snake the cable between the bumper cover and interior using a coat hangar or wire puller, pop the cap off the tow hook cover and you get pretty free access. Pull the cable up behind the grill, down the driver side, and through the grommet left of the steering wheel. Piece of cake.



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