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    Default Is My 8500i Working Properly?

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if my 8500i is working properly... I bought it 3 months ago and had a few instances of Ka band coming on. I programmed it to show the frequency and the signal strength. When the Ka band turned on, I notice it woulds witch from initially being Ka 35.xx to Ka 33.xx or Ka 34.xx .... And the signal was very weak - only one bar. Why is it switching between different frequencies? Then after like 4 beeps, it all disappears.

    I've passed by 2 cops, first one was on the freeway w/ other cars with him on his motorcycle parked on the side. Didn't see if he had his radar on but my 8500i did not go off at all.

    Another instance was local, with a lot of cars in front of me. Cop parked on the side street. My RD did not go off either, not even when I passed him. This time, it was a speed trap for sure as he came blazing thru the traffic to pull a car in front of me a minute after.

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    Default Re: Is My 8500i Working Properly?

    Sorry, not an Escort user (might when the new Redline comes out in the summer), but call Escort and explain to them what is happening and they should be able to guide you. Read the manual if new to the unit (on line if needed). The Escort Rep is on the forum and will chime in when he sees this thread but it might be a few days. Again, give Escort a call!

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    Default Re: Is My 8500i Working Properly?


    Sorry for the delay responding. Nobody appears to be maintaining this forum any longer so I rarely visit it.

    Are you referring to the windshield mounted Passport 8500 or the custom installed 8500ci? Some of your encounters may have been against laser. Laser uses a fine beam of infrared light to measure speed. Typically unless you are the target then you will not receive an alert.

    It is common for the reported radar frequency to jump around slightly when receiving an alert but it shouldn't by that much. There may have been more than one signal there though. Try using Expert meter mode which shows multiple signals with their strengths. If you are receiving alerts to the normal false alerts in your area then your detector is probably working alright.

    If you are certain something is wrong with your detector then please our service department at the number in my signature below.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608

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    Default Re: Is My 8500i Working Properly?

    Try a factory reset.
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