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    Default Bluetooth Interference

    Bluetooth Voice Interference
    I am very disappointed and shocked with Escort. I bought a 9500ix and loved it. So much so that I decided to purchase the Live Direct and hardwire it into my new Audi A6. What a mistake! After going through an arduous installation, I was confronted by garbled voice reception when using the Bluetooth with any iPhone (wife and I have one.)

    I called Escort and was told the device were built to federal specs and they knew not of such problems. They suggested it was a vehicke issue and i should consult the car dealer. I took my car to Audi and they could not find a problem with the car system.

    I then checked the Audizine Forum and found that Audi has known of this problem since June, 2012. When I confronted Escort with this, they admitted the issue saying they couldn't find a solution because their unit was built to "federal Bluetooth specs." I asked to talk to an engineer and was denied saying when they found a solution, the would call me. I have never heard back.

    Why was this potential problem not noted on Escort's website in the sales area "may not be compatible with all Bluetooth systems, check with Escort?"

    To ad insult to injury, I bought the direct unit from an authorized Escort dealer at list price because the shipping was free. The seller would not accept a return because the unit was used. Niether would Escort. The bigger issue was that I could have bought the unit for one half off directly from Escort because I bought the 9500ix from Escort. Nowhere on their website was this listed.

    Even though i was promised a solution, I have never heard back from Escort. I view all of this as deceptive practices. My guess is tha Escort will ignore this post. Such a shame. Also, shame on me for buying Escort.

    Beware and investigate before you buy Escort products! Bet escort will not respond to this post!

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    Default Re: Bluetooth Interference

    Is a Bluetooth firmware update available for your phone?

    When I had a Galaxy Nexus phone I experienced garbled voice just as you describe.
    With my Galaxy S3 there are no Bluetooth connection quality issues.
    Best of luck sorting it out!

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    Default Re: Bluetooth Interference

    Hate to say it....but you should have looked to make sure on escort webpage unauthorized dealers to make sure there legit. I know you learned a lesson and it sucks but this is what happens. If you would have bought escort direct they would have reunded the entire purchase. I justbought the redline and madesure the dealer wasn't on any such list as I once made that mistake to a long time ago and now only deal direct with bel or escort or a known authorized dealer

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    Default Re: Bluetooth Interference

    Sorry for the delayed response Pheaton193.

    I am sorry to hear about the issue you are having with Escort Live and your Audi. Our Escort Live compatible devices have been tested and certified by both Bluetooth and Apple. These are listed on the retail box that the device comes in. We have heard reports of this happening with a few vehicle models. It is not effecting all vehicles with bluetooth hands-free functionality so I doubt if the issue is with our devices.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608



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