Heres a nvideo encounter 35.5ka fhp Tahoe in const zone where I just got hit wit truspeed s and the redline aqlso alerted along with jammers. I then grabbed camera and got the next 35.5ka encounter, now I know all segments are working and can go back to threat/expert display as I like being able t see how many signals up ahead and types of guns. now I know all segments on 2/5/8 all confirmed on alng with k band on everything else is perfect and now going to goto expert mode. heres a video. ill post others at youtube under escort redline Jessie pinkman
theres another on ther showing great aff axis in walmart lt a 35.5 ka speedsign and I go all around facing away from it, go to the stree to turn around before I finally lost the signal. extremely fast radar.