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    Default another REDLINE save:)).

    Got to test the redline new rdr firmware against laser in the testing road.
    It didn't do so good but I have jammers and still happy as the k and ka band performance is why I bought the redline not to alert me im about to get a speeding ticket from lidar.

    So, from all the runs I made with cliff-results can be seen under the real experiences from the Li and laserguns used.
    the redline saw 75% front shots(a lil low for full blast at 1000' feet all the way to the gun it should alert 100%. anyways, not to shabby.
    the bad is the rear with it high enough where it has a clear view and only saw laser 1/3rd of the time when shot from rear.
    again, these results are better tan my pro300 as I had to turn them off as bels tend to false alot on laser and never knew why. all in all, very good.
    ting to the rear of the car.

    oh, so im driving in ka and laser central here in this area and its funny 2 days now in a row the redline saved me in k band and once in ka band. 24.136 and 24.163k band. Its just so rare to run into k band and to do it amazing redline king.
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