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    Default Phone Cord Hard Wiring Problems

    I am trying to hard wire my X50. I plugged the smartplug in the the cigarette lighter, and attached a standard 2 sided female adapter to the end. I then attached a standard phone cord to the adapter and the detector. The Unit will not work however. It works when plugged directly in. Does anyone have any suggestions how to make this work (besides buying a hard wiring kit)? Thanks in advance.

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    Some of the Female to Female modular coupler reverse the wiring order depending on what you've got. Be sure that the one you use doesn't reverse the order.


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    Try an (must be 4 line!!!) extension with a male connector at one end and a female connector at the other. Also, try to limit the length (less than 12') to avoid any drop in voltage.

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    Is there any way to tell if the connectors arent connecting right? I've tried several cords. Should I just get another female female connector and try that?

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    Sounds like that would be the thing to try.



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