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    Ok well I'm off a weekend getaway in Charleston with my wife. Of course I can't stay off Craigslist and end up searching radar detectors. I'm glad I did because I came across a Redline with a hardwire live cord for $350 but picked it up for $300. It's in great condition with rdr and ka sw. I'm really excited to get it since I've been trying to decide on sending my Max back and get a Redline or a Magnum. Any pointers will be great and thanks in advance.

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    If you are running this as your only radar detector, turn RDR off, segments 2-9 on. If you encounter K band traffic sensors, or come across many cars with K band blind spot assist, turn on TSR. I always run my Redline in Highway.
    I always recommend running one unsegmented radar detector to protect you from the rare out of tune radar gun. In my location there is one LEO for the past 4 months has been running a 34.810. Turning off segment 1 will eliminate most Ka falses. Also turn POP off.

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    You can see in my signature how i run my redline. I love mine and yours will serve you well. I would reccomend holding off untill they work the bugs out of the MAX. If you are in dier need of a GPS filtered detector I would reccomend the 9500IX.



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