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    Default Any issues with radar detection with visor mounted 9500ix?

    I'm hearing conflicting stories about the visor mounting of the 9500ix. i already have a post concerning it ability (or inability) to get a gps signal from the visor. i'm curious as to any issues it may have with actual radar detection mounted in that location.

    please advise.



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    Default Re: Any issues with radar detection with visor mounted 9500ix?

    This is going to depend on a few factors. The angle of your windshield, type of glare material at the top, etc. Some of the upsides are maximum radar detection range from a line of sight perspective. Stealthy-ness of install. Downsides can include decreased laser detection capability for both front and rear. A LEO is typically going to target your license plate or headlight. Not your hood or roof line. A close range narrow bandwidth shot is likely going to be missed by a detector mounted up high. You could get lucky if scatter reflected off your hood, but you'd be toast by this point. Rear laser detection is nearly impossible in my vehicle with a detector mounted on a visor. The rear roof line comes down too low and effectively masks the rear laser window. Once again, the LEO is likely going to target your plate which is well below the roofline. A close range wide bandwidth shot that it might be able to detect would only be an alert for you to pull over. GPS can typically penetrate the anti-glare film at the top of many windshields. However, the roof line of certain cars at certain angles can present a challenge. Mounting lower with a clear view of the sky 100% of the time would be most effective. I'm mounted on a sticky cup slightly lower than the RVM. For me this provides best overall radar range, good front/rear laser detection (for what that's worth) and 100% GPS ability.



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