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Wowser. Now THAT'S a comprehensive review!

I have not seen such a review on my unit (the Escort Passport...no numbers, no nothin', just "Passport") and would be REALLY interested in seeing such.

Yeah...I know...reviews are typically aimed at "prospective buyers", not "Well, it's too late now, Bucko!" folks, still...it provides info as to it's abilities and limitations that serve the current owners as well.

It seems that every time I try to find such reviews independently on line for the Passport (no-middle-name) I end up looking at stuff for Redline, X50, LMNOP9500CIxR5zz1a, but never just "Passport". Whutsupwiddat? You can't even find anything by googling (other than RR's standard presentation of the unit) anywhere on line.

What...chopped liver? Where's the in-depth stuff, like you did here?

Ride safe,

Toughest review I ever had to write.

Escort was kind enough (hey they have tough skin!) to send me a Max2 and a Passport along with other offerings.

I need to pen a review of the Passport. Have a lot of data gathered, but with the Veil G5 release I have literally had like zero time. These reviews take a considerable amount of time to prepare (at least for me). It's on my list, along with a review of the Anti Laser Priority, Max2, and some others. ...Not enough hours in the day. Now if we were living on say Venus, I suppose we would have them. [replacer_img]

If you were living on Venus we wouldn't be worried about RDs (or anything else for that matter )
Hard to believe but on Venus a solar day lasts longer than a solar year!