After I left my office early this morning on a very cold day, I encountered more odd falsing behavior with the Passport Max. It was approximately 0100 and I was alone in the wilderness driving home. The outside temperature at the time was 16F.

Months ago when I was driving with an early production model with v1.0 firmware, I suspected that the Max was at times confusing bands. It was more a feeling that I had and I had no video evidence demonstrating it.

That all changed this morning. The Max is continuing to alert to signals that simply don't exist and it's alerting on more than one band. It also appears to be getting worse, the colder it gets.

The last time I encountered this behavior, I was only receiving alerts at a level of 1. Now they are reaching a level of 3.

No longer do I feel that these are falses (alerts to genuine sources of radar, such as door openers and other leaky detectors).

I now assert that these are FALSE falses. (as Don Rumsfeld would say)