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    Wink Outstanding Redline Lidar Performance

    Read some old threads per laser.
    My experiences have been impressive.
    Note that I don't have a front license plate and I use Veil on the front lenses/chromed/shiny areas.
    > I have been directly hit in North GA in my previous car, a white Chevy Equinox at night, left hand lane on a clear shot (no rabbits providing interference) going 85 in a 70 zone--I braked and no problem.
    > Same car, souteast of Atlanta, daytime, left lane about the same speed but caught scatter/reflection/interference with a car in the right hand lane--no problem.
    > Yesterday, about the same speed in a dark blue compact SUV, daytime, going about the same speed, middle lane north of Briley Pkwy in Nashville, caught scatter/reflection/interference with a car in the right hand lane.
    Scientific proof that it has saved me laser tickets? No, but I am impressed nonetheless and am clean and have money in my pocket.

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    Default Re: Outstanding Redline Lidar Performance

    Redline is king. I love mine. Do you have band segment 2/5/8 with rdr off Or the older platform.
    Recently I use the 2/5/6/8 sweeps as I keep hearing about a ka band gun creeping into the 6 band sweep range so I turned it on. Thanx

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    Default Re: Outstanding Redline Lidar Performance

    Glad you had a good experience with the Redline. I think you were lucky.



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