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    Default New Max Owner - Questions to ask the community

    Hello all,

    I'm a new owner of the Max, and actually haven't used a radar in years (I'll be honest). I purchased the Max a couple weeks ago. Having the excitement wanting to open it, I went ahead and just went to the car, hard-wired everything to where I wanted it to mount (didn't even think of the PROs and CONs). I ended up hard-wiring the SmartCord & radar to an accessory fuse and added-a-circuit. Everything powers up and turns off great. This is the situation:

    Few questions & statements I wanted to ask you all and help me with solutions:

    - My Max a lot of the times won't calculate my MPH like it used to; is this due to lost signal? I have my music up to loud sometimes and can't hear the radar state if signal is lost.

    - I assume that my Max loses signal a lot because of the mounted location. It's located on the rear view mirror but the mirror mount I am currently using is blocking the "fin" thingy.

    - The firmware is up-to-date.

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    Default Re: New Max Owner - Questions to ask the community

    Regarding the GPS, I'd test the MAX with its regular cord and Stickycup to the side of the mirror to see if you can maintain a speed reading. If not definitely contact ESCORT to send it back.

    With respect to audio alerts, if you have it on AutoMute you are likely to miss alerts, as the alert volume reduces itself fast and goes virtually inaudible if you have a radio on even at a low volume. We have asked ESCORT to see if it can adjust AutoMute's suppression level.

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    poolmon - I did that and got better signal overall.

    I relocated my mounting spot from mirror to dash. I ended up just laying it flat on the dash in the center of the vehicle. It now has MUCH better signal overall and hasn't bummed out on me yet.

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    This is a stupid question, but what stores locally carry sticky mats or non slip mats? Mine has been through hell and back so it's time for a new one.

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    Default Re: New Max Owner - Questions to ask the community

    I'm a returning Escort user (Max) and I too have been trying to find a good place to mount the Max. In town it is sort of a hassle to use the sticky cup as my windshield is far out of my arm's length, and the release is hard to get to with the sticky cup mount in the way. I'm going to give the Escort platform dash mount a try with the weighted pad (which I already own). It will probably look goofy but my upcoming 20 hour drive will probably make me forget about the "standing crane" look of the platform dash. Is anyone else out there using the dash mount. What are your thoughts?



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