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    Default I still redline is king on/off axis detection

    I know they tested against valentine best version, and bel sti plus, and new bs redline....I know escort max came out but disappointing in the off axis results and long range were average/above avg. and it had issues with 35.5ka just like all rd ive owned except the redline.
    well its 15 months old and still mint/new. wondering if I should send in for the firm update and tune up or should I wait till it tells its out of bel pro300 told me on a new unit within a month send to factory as it was a loose connection, then never had issue again. it struggled 35.5ka band but close to redline in many other areas but I needed the bs and range in ka of redline just like I need new laser jammers just as soon as I get my car back, update firm, sell them to waitiin buyer and buy them but need more info on the new ones as ive never had any jamming issues to date with my 8.9 sensors quad just over 15 months old also

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    Default Re: I still redline is king on/off axis detection

    Mate 1 don’t want to burst your bubble but your redline sucks, do yourself a favour and go get a V1 1.85 with the blue tooth connect then you will see what long range detection is I/O and a ramp up second to none. In conjunction with the arrows and display you are basically looking out the world’s best most reliable value for money police monitoring device period. Oh am I in the belcourt forum whoops

    PS do that and you will change your name to verygoodtimes40 lol

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    Default Re: I still redline is king on/off axis detection

    I got to laugh at that last comment--yes V1 is good- but is still DOES NOT match the redline in performance~!~ Period!!!



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