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    Default Escort 9500ix Victorious!

    I drive a Maserati QP daily and I have accumulated a large amount of tickets in Miami so I recently purchased an Escort 9500ix. I was driving thru Golden Beach and my 9500ix went off with the Laser Alert message and I hit the brakes hard to slow down clicking my left paddle to down shift even faster. When I passed the motorcycle cop he was hanging head shaking it in frustration while he put his laser gun down. It was AWESOME!

    This area is full of Cops everywhere. Off the 826/163rd coming over the draw bridge they use KA and Laser at least once or twice a week. The only place I've encountered using K band is Golden Beach but there are not any major buildings so you have to remember to pay attention to it in this area. Be careful and drive safe.

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    Default Re: Escort 9500ix Victorious!

    Welcome to the forum.

    He was probably hanging his head shaking it thinking another guy with a RD whom thinks he can beat laser, and he was only going 20 over.

    Good save, very lucky. Sounds like it may be time to get some jammers that will protect you much better.

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    Default Re: Escort 9500ix Victorious!

    Did you pet your RD? It is good custom to always pet your RD for doing a good job. I pet mine weekly as it outsmarts the clueless LEOs in my area.

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    Default Re: Escort 9500ix Victorious!

    I don't want to say you were lucky, but laser and instant on radar are challenges for radar detectors. As extra protection you may want to take CJ's advice and install laser jammers. Also, download and install WAZE - it's free and lets you know where the cops are set up in advance.



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