I got over 5 plus miles today from a constant on fhp shooting radar way down range where its very straight, lots of traffic at times and very straight at different sections.
I plugged my backup bel pro300 into my unit as I pulled into dunkin donuts. ok so using speedometer, up the road was 35.5 ka fhp on tarpon spring and hwy19 in tarpon springs. next to him was what appeared to be a prolaser 4 on the 2 motorcycle cops next to him.I was going to sponge docks and they are everywhere. psl goes down to 20 at one point and peeps fly riding your ass so u have to go but the redline saved me today with having it on the way this guy was looking at me and speeding. and then plugged in redline and alerted right away in park lot.
so went to as close as I could with the bell pro300 (it struggles against 35.5ka but hangs right there on k band and ka bnd to a decent/respectable number against redline/
so got to 1.25 miles range against the 35.5ka beltronics pro300. went back with my redline back to dunkin which is 5.25 miles away and redline alerts immediately upon turning left toward c/o cop source. so with redline, I turned around to see exactly the range. so I went back and went 7 miles and u turned. so I started getting a steady sgnal at 5.50 miles with the redline in pasco county fl, and the range is amazin off axis with this 35.5ka band. ive never seen or heard a better radar than a redline with bs. and rdr off. this blows away anything I have ever seen. ty
now im just talking bout the difference from 35.5ka range on the redline more than 5x the range before the bel pro300 began picking it up. but the pro 300 will hang in there close on the other 2 ka bands. obviously they don't win but very respectable. closer than one may think. anyways, interesting