I got the opportunity to test a pre-release Passport to test, final production models should be available NOW!

The new Passport has a similar design look to the Max and new Max2 with built in duel Android/iOS BT to connect to Escort LIVE. It has a wide range of features included but with the addition of LIVE you get so much more.

Some of the new features:
-Dual language set for audible voice alerts. User selectable for either English or Spanish.
-OLED multi-color graphics display with four different color display settings. Threat reporting and other notices such as red light and speed camera alerts, posted speed limits, over speed alerts, driving speed and more are displayed in full color images and icons when used with EL.
-TSR traffic flow and false K band alert filtering.
-Standard and miled tone/alerts.
-Voice alerts.

EL enabled features like Cruse alert to mute falses below a specific speed (20-90mph), Speed display, PSL display and all the other EL features like lock outs and the speed/camera database.

The passport is light but has a good build feel. The Passport incorporated the satin finish of the RedLine but in a Max type body style. Voice and alerts are very clear and loud and it utilizes the standard duel suction cup mount.

Escort also added a simplified BS/RDR to take the M4 to the next level of sensitivity:

Over all the features and integration to EL really make the Passport a great RD, but its still is a solid feature filled product even with out EL. And all at a small starting price point.

I have compared this upgrade of the M4 to what BS/RDR did to the RedLine M3 and V1C did for the V1, and though the Passport does not have the superior range of those units its a great all around unit that's easy to use, packs in the feature options and costs a lot less. One hell of a entry level RD!

Real world driving:

I have had limited encounters so far, but from the encounters i have had i observed similar off axis sensitivity to an regular M4 like the IX or X50. The limited off axis on the M4's is a double edged sword, on one hand i love it because it eliminates off axis falses, but on the other it lags a bit for off axis threats so you have to be very proactive when it goes off. On axis encounter is been impressive, similar to ECCTG's testing of the X50 black its long range is more than adequate and closer to top dog performance than old M4's of the passed.

As a side note (and more importantly) Escort enlisted many enthusiasts from RDF and ERF to be sure they had real world data before official release, they are utilizing the data we compile to improve the new Passport and upgraded Max2 but also to improve EL to where it should be. Even i cant wait to see what evolves!

Got my new Blackvue dash cam and got an awesome forward facing K band alert!

This was a tough one with all the foliage, hill and curve.