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    Question Question on RD 5110

    Hello members my wife had a old RD-5110 detector that I gave her to use many years ago well now im thinking since I don't always have my 8500 X50 or my 9500ix in my truck will this old unit still pick up radars or should I trash it?
    Thanks! RJ

    I went out of town during X-Mas time and my 9500ix picked up radars when they were out in fact one time it picked one up 1.7 miles away.

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    Can I get a Amen?

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    It might but would not want to bet a $200+ ticket that it will. I think there are some options out there, maybe you should try selling it and use the cash to buy something that will be more sensitive. Amen

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    You can trade it in to Escort for a $$ value on a new unit.

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    Escort will only give you $45 if you trade it in GMCTRUCKS, however if you sign up for our VIP membership on Radarbusters and get a new detector you'll get a better discount immediately and don't need to have the bother of sending your old detector back:
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