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    Default X50 and K band question

    Hey all,
    I am running an X50 and was getting a lot of X band falsing. So, I turned it off of Auto mode and put it on X-lo since I have been told that CA does not use X band guns. Now I am not getting much X-band falsing, but am getting a ton of K band alerts. I am noticing that it is picking up all the auto door openers, etc. Is this normal for the X50 to pick up a lot of auto doors and have a lot of K band falsing? Or is this a bad unit?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    K-band falsing is tough because it's really impossible to tell the difference between a door opener and a real police signal. All a manufacturer can really do at this point is dial down the sensitivity, which also decreases range. That said, if you are getting lots of K falses then I doubt there's anything wrong with your unit. But this is a V1 user talking...K-band falsing is a way of life for me . Maybe someone else knows a magic incantation to minimize false alerts on an X-50.

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    Turn off X and put it on automode, the auto will help filter the K band falses.



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