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    Default another mounting question

    From listening to you peeps here,the best place to mount a RD is in the middle of the windshield high so that it has a clear view front and rear.I just got finish talking to one of the guys in my car group,and he says that his x50 works best in his intrepid about 2 inches to the right of his left pillar a lil under rearview mirror height..I said that sounds kinda weird since the RD antenna would be angled more to the left and would decrease his rightside coverage a lil bit.He said that he has tried it all over,high,low,middle everything and that's where it works best..

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    might be because of his car.. just tryout diff spots in your car

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    try different locations. when i had my x50, high right below the rear view mirror was the best location. high, level and middle of windsheild. rule of thumb:

    high= -better radar detection (better line of site and can "See" through other cars windows/windshields)
    -better chances of picking up the RARE scatter of laser being targeted on a car in front of you

    low= -better for laser targeting you

    try all positions and see which you find better for your purposes. tell what you decide.



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