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Thread: my x50 8500

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    Default my x50 8500

    i just got one today and im not sure if i should drive it in auto mode or highway mode, im gonna be doing alot of highway and town driving, and it only alerted me once when i tried it today from a cop driving when he was 10 feet away from me! i thought it would detect normal cops driving around better than that too?

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    I prefer Highway mode... on the highway/city/rural roads... no matter what.

    The X50 is a radar detector, not a cop detector... it will not alert to a cop just driving around, they must have a radar unit on, it sounds like the cop was using instant-on... or pherhaps it wasnt the LEO at all... maybe they didnt have a radar unit all, and you were simply picking up a false from something like an automatic door or home security system(motion detectors)... What band did it say? The first point I made is the key though.

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    I keep my X50 on Highway mode all the time well.

    I'd much rather have to mute a few extra false alarms (there really are not that many more) rather than having to deal with a surprise LEO running X band radar...ect

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    Auto in the city highway on the highway....around detriot the must have upgraded to all k band door openers.



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