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    Default Can somebody explain me how instant-on radar works??

    Can somebody explain me how instant-on radar works?? I want to make sure I understand how it works so I can learn how to prevent it THANKS :wink: :wink:

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    Basically, there is a "Standby" or "Hold" button/switch on the radar unit, when this is selected the radar is not transmitting, so there's nothing to detect. When the officer sees someone who he thinks is speeding he switches the unit to "Transmit" or squeezes a trigger, and can immediately obtain a speed reading. He can then switch the unit back off or release the trigger, if he so chooses.

    To protect against instant-onv radar, it is important to buy the most sensitive detector possible. That way, you will hopefully get brief weak alerts if traffic ahead of you gets targeted, so you'll be able to slow down before it's "your turn". If instant-on radar targets YOU, there's nothing you can do.




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