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    Default Are laser detectors(ZR3) legal in VA and DC??

    hey guys im a student living in Maryland, in the Washington DC Metro area. been using RD's ever since i started driving, cant live without em. i drive in DC and VA all the time, and i hate not being able to know whats lurking ahead of me!!!!

    I have plans of stealth installing a escort sr7 or srx remote detector as soon as i get my wrx wagon. This thing is realllly gonna be hidden :-) i noticed the ability to turn off radar receive on the detector, technically making it a "laser only" detector... Would that be legal to use in VA as long as i have the radar portion turned off???

    OR... is the Zr3 by itself legal in VA/ DC?

    VA cops have damn good Lidar setups in their cruisers.... im hoping that it is legal to do this!

    please help!!!! thanks!!!

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    If you do a search on this board you will find all the answers you are looking for. A short accurate answer is EVERYTHING is illegal in VA.



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