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    Default s2 & power on / pinouts

    Hello all. I just picked up an S2 for $100! What a great radar detector. I haven't had one in a few years; my experience is I get more tickets with one, than without.

    Regardless, I'm electronically competent. I'm trying to find out if its possible to have this unit automatically turn itself on. I've noticed at the Escort site they say it can't and won't.

    I have come across schematics of the smart cable, and have already built it. I haven't yet dissassembled my s2 yet, but are pins 1 & 6 in use?

    Also, aside from the SmartCable, is there any other interfaces available to the rj11 port?

    Thanks in advance, I plan to become active on these forums.

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    Welcome to the board. What a hell of a deal for $100!! Why do you want it to turn itself on?



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