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    Default New From Massachusetts....

    Well, I'll start by saying I have just purchased the Blinder M25 and I am looking forward to installing it in my Mustang GT....I came to this forum to meet others who have installed the same and to gain more knowledge regarding this product....nice to meet you all....Jim

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    I'm also a Mustang driver. Just so you know, the Mustang is a tough car to defend against laser. The fog lights are a mutha and are very reflective. Veil will probably be a must for good results against most laser guns. Also, I installed my laser jammers in an aftermarket grille, dremeling out installation slots for maximum performance.

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    Welcome aboard, you came to the right place to find out everything you need about detectors and laser jammers.
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    After seeing the blacked out undercover Chargers that the MSP has in its arsenal, you are going to need the Blinder. Good luck man.



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