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    Default How are escort's 9500xi serial numbers formatted?

    All members....Greetings!

    I found this site just by goggling and it looks interesting.

    I was given a used escort 9550ix (used, no box and no internet key, GREAT condition) for Xmas.
    It wired right in to my old passport hard wiring fine.
    Never did use the GPS/computer stuff.

    This weekend I was rear-ended in my 4Runner by a 3/4 ton pickup.

    The escort wasn't secured enough to the velcro on my dashboard (obviously), because it flew into the steering column, cracked it, and fell on the passenger side floor.

    There I had 6, standard concrete blocks there that literally smashed pieces.

    I already checked the serial number with escort in late December and it wasn't stolen....for sure.

    In order to get the other drivers insurance company to anty up for a replacement, I gotta have a frapping serial number.

    I'm NOT asking for yours or attempting to do ANYTHING illegal.

    All I need to know is (please) are the SN's formatted?

    If you'd give me yours with several digits left out, put in as X's for numbers and Y's as alpha characters, I could just fill in the blanks and give them something.

    Example: If mine was 6 digits long and was A12345B, just send me YX2345B, and Iíll have what I need.

    So..if you don't mind and have the time I'd appreciate a PM or email.

    I canít email anyone because I am a newb at these boards.
    Nor can I postÖ..yet, or I would have.

    Iíd appreciate the heck out of a reply.

    Svene Caldwell/Kansas City

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    Question Re: How are escort's 9500xi serial numbers formatted?

    Sorry...I meant 9500 i x.

    Since I don't have enough posts, I can't view the Rules in this thread:
    radardetector dot net/forums/introduce-yourself/43917-new-members-please-read-rules-regulations dot html

    I have no evil intentions, and I'm not specifically asking for anyone's REAL serial number nor computer key (whatever that is for a detector(?)......never used it).

    So.....crazyVOLVOrob, if I'm not following any Rules...kindly let me know before booting me, OK?.
    I happen to like these types of discussions.....I'm just in REAL trouble on this one.
    The agent from some Insurance Company called Response (?) is expecting a call within 2 days.

    Either I produce a resemblance of an escort 9500ix serial number, or I'm out $500 (I just discovered).....Ouch!
    Geez....I had NO IDEA these were that danged expen$ive.

    All because of some woman talking on a cell phone and (most likely) putting lipstick on: ....on a 45mph trafficway in Kansas City in her husband's truck (the only good part). [replacer_img]

    Thanks for any replies/help on this issue: looooooong term members.

    No offense intended: I post on a LOT of forums like this.

    Why is this one so restrictive?
    Is forum trolling by (usually) kids a problem?

    If it's anything like the o Bey forums...I understand 100%.

    HELP!, please? and Thanks if anyone cares to help a new member at this site out of a jam.

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    Default Re: How are escort's 9500xi serial numbers formatted?

    I should think that photos of your smashed 9500ix should be proof enough for your insurance company that you owned it and that it was destroyed in the crash. Perhaps explain that the concrete blocks literally wiped the printed ink serial number off of the serial number sticker.

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    Default Re: How are escort's 9500xi serial numbers formatted?

    Iím confused, just give them the serial number off the RD???

    Iím sure the serial number didnít just vanish after being smashed.

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    Default Re: How are escort's 9500xi serial numbers formatted?

    Hi groucho,

    When you check the serial number with Escort, did you also register your 9500ix with them? If so, then you can call them and get the serial number. Just explain the situation.

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    Default Re: How are escort's 9500xi serial numbers formatted?

    Gentlemen: Thank You!

    Iíve been trying to post a replyÖ..but I kept getting messages that timed out with server problems on this fine site.
    I know how frustrating that can. Happened to me 3 days last week.
    Oh Well?Ö..I suppose thatís why many of my buddies call these things com-fusers.
    On to business at handÖÖ

    The crushed, mutilated Escort:
    For one thing the entire bottom 1/2 is mostly gone.
    Is that where it should be?
    It was on my Passport before I sold it.

    I can't see any images, because I'm still too new, sorry.

    If I can't come up with an example SN, because I did not register it:
    I'm in deep trouble because I was given no box, paperwork etc.
    Generally my family doesn't give receipts for gifts (and used ones in particular), so I neglected to even write the SN down.

    Some of my relatives (about 10) chipped in and got this on I'm told.
    My nephew is the one who actually made the purchase and no one knows where he is.

    The only thing involving serial numbers I ever did was call Escort and ask them to make sure that SN A12345B was/is not reported stolen property.

    Response Insurance has no local people (which I can't comprehend) so we're doing this over the phone, and I'm trying to get a buddy with a digital camera to send them an image of this smashed piece of PCBoard and plastic housing.
    Have failed at that until later in the week.
    The serial number...wherever it was is either missing or smashed to tiny smithereens.
    That's all they require....a model number, a manufacturer and a SN.
    I have 2 of 3, coming here.

    IF I had the 9500xi SN format example, I'd just make one up.

    They probably will contact Escort to verify the replacement cost and give em the SN.
    If the normal ones are (for example) two alpha characters and 5 numbers, and I give em 12 random numbers, I'm sca-rued & OUT $500 or will have to go w/out a detector.
    I'm certain if I'm not even close Escort is gonna tell Response:
    That's NOT one of OUR detectors.
    Once again:
    I'm not asking for anything that will get anyone in any trouble, or trying to scam Anybody.
    I don't need that, and I surely would not cause others to suffer similar issues.
    I (for sure) {U]had one[/U] and expect a replacement.... if you've ever dealt with insurance'd know what I'm up against.
    I'm shocked she wasn't insured by AIG with my luck.

    Thanks again for the fast replies guys.
    I like this place already!

    Iím getting a lot of these, so some of the info in your replies is invisible to me.

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    Default Re: How are escort's 9500xi serial numbers formatted?


    All numbers.

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    Default Re: How are escort's 9500xi serial numbers formatted?

    Just an FYI.

    Each number represents something specific about the RD. build date and so on. I doubt you can make one up. It would be like making up a CC#.

    However they may not even check it.

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    Default [RESOLVED]Re: How are escort's 9500xi serial numbers formatted?

    Enoughs enough I guess.

    I can't Thank you fellows (or any ladies) enough.

    Whatever happens....happens.
    I'm not going to pursue this (here) any further.

    I think I have all the information I need...if not, I'll just chalk another (dam!) lesson to The Sk00L of Hard Knocks

    I like this site.....lucky I found it!

    LOTS of decent, useful information.


    (site're purring right along today...Nice Job!)



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