Hey guys i am a long time lurker on this website and i decided to come and post too. I recieved a $350 speeding ticket (90in65) via Truspeed last month and now i have decied to buy some sort of laser jamming system. But i have a problem.

1. I drive a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT, Which has huge chrome bumpers on the front and back. I swear they attract radar.
2. I drive 120 mi everyday to school on 293/3/495/9/128/95/93/back to 293. Yes i drive a ton. Incase you dont know MA/NH roads that is pretty much a set of Laser and Radar traps.
3. There is no possibilty of me purchasing a new vehicle before i go to Basic in july.
4. I have a 600 budget for this.

Infact the only thing going for me is that my dad gave me his V1 which he doesnt use anymore. But the downside is it does not detect the truspeed. I found this out the hard way as im sure that other V1 users have. Its a great product I probably need to upgrade it because its pretty old. But yeah thats the situation, and why im here. After this if i am still driving after basic and what not ill document that also. Thanks for the help in advanced guys.