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    Default Hello, Thanks for all the Info

    Just wanted to give a mighty high five to all the posters at this site. Ihad an old whistler 17 something model I bought back in 2000. I found this forum and realised it was time for a serious upgrade. With the misfouturnes of Circuitcity, and money tight, I jumped at a V995 for only $199. To me, so far, this is an outstanding radar detector. I know its not one of the big boys out there, but its saved my you no what a couple of times already. Keep up the good work, and I am sure other lukers would agree that this is an outstanding forum! The posts here are both informative and instructional.

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    Default Re: Hello, Thanks for all the Info

    welcome to the forums.
    And yes the knowledge that some guys have in here is plain ridiculous.
    I haven't seen an question go unanswered yet.
    No matter how technical it is.



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