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    Default Not as much radar as expected

    Not sure if this is the right place to post, but since I am new figured it is as good as place as any.

    Have had my V-1 for about a month and what has suprised me the most is that a significant number of police cars where I live, Atlanta, and where I travel, Georgia mostly, do not have radar or do not have it on when I pass.

    Traveling to south Georgia this morning, passed two county cars on I-75 sitting in the middle watching the north bound traffic. My V-1 never made a sound and they were definitely looking for speeders. Later traveling state highway I passed two local sheriffs. Again the V-1 never made a sound.

    With that said, it has already saved my son from another speeding ticket in the local town where we live. He was on a back road and said V-1 started making noise where it should not, so he slowed down and sure enough there he was around the corner. However, most of the time when I pass the local city or county policy, it never makes a sound.

    Has this been everyone else's experience or I am getting lulled into a false sense of safety.

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    Default Re: Not as much radar as expected

    Hey newbie here as well... As a former LEO I can tell you that there are many ways to catch speeders, radar is just one of those tools. The best piece of detecting equipment other then your detector is going to be your senses. Keep an eye out and watch traffic ahead of you for anything out of the ordinary. Stay behind at least one screen door (Blocker car when you can) and try to avoid the left hand lane for extended travel as much as possible.

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    Default Re: Not as much radar as expected

    There many reasons why ur RD didn't make noise. The LEO could have his radar gun off or using laser and didn't hit ur car and so on... But main thing is use ur eyes and look at the traffic ahead of u and try to spot if u see brake lights out of the ordinary. Most people's instint is to hit brakes when the see a LEO. Find a rabbit...

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    Default Re: Not as much radar as expected

    Thanks for the feedback. Will definitely keep those eyes open. The V-1 has made me more aware of what is going on. Just need more time to be comfortable with the various tones and what they are telling me.



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